El Paso

The City of El Paso is located at the western tip of Texas, where Texas, New Mexico and Old Mexico meet. It is the largest international metroplex in the world and seamlessly blends cultures and traditions: from the historic Old West to the colors of Mexico, from the heritage of Native Americans to the beauty of our desert sun.

El Paso has long been discovered. Since the early days when Spanish Conquistadors arrived at the banks of the Rio Grande in 1598, to today, with the millions of visitors who come here on a yearly basis.

Birthplace of America’s Southwest

El Paso treasures its old ways. We still attend church in our old Spanish missions on the historic Mission Trail eight of the most historic miles in the United States built by Native Americans in the late seventeenth century. The area was also home to famous outlaws including Pancho Villa, John Wesley Hardin and Billy the Kid. And don’t forget your boots; after all, this is the Boot Capital of the World, and boots are still made by hand here.

Mountains To Do

The high mountains, which cut through the middle of the city, offer a dramatic setting for El Paso. Visitors can ride the Wyler Aerial Tramway to Ranger Peak to get a panoramic view of the city, or drive along Transmountain Road which cuts right through the Franklin Mountains. You can enjoy a picnic in the largest urban park in the U.S.: Franklin Mountains State Park, or for outdoor explorers, there’s also mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing virtually any time of the year.

Bridges to Mexico

With our sister city, Juarez, Mexico, just across the border, a visit to El Paso is like getting two destinations in one. You can easily have breakfast in El Paso and lunch in Mexico. It’s easy to catch a trolley from Downtown El Paso and tour Juarez’s shopping hot spots. Enjoy an ice cold cerveza or a Margarita which was invented in one of Juarez’s bars or dine in one of many of the city’s elaborately upscale restaurants or dance clubs. And many of Mexico’s rich traditions are still alive and can be experienced: bullfights, greyhound racing, mariachis and colorful dances.

Sun City

Our natural beauty is a rarity in today’s world. During the day, our mountains take on shades of purple, vibrant orange and pale green. The sun shines over 305 days a year in El Paso. Wide-open vistas, big skies and beautiful desert weather are the norm, and almost every day ends with a breathtaking sunset. At night our city lights look like a scattering of diamonds.

El Paso is Texas, but it’s just a little different. So come enjoy the warmth of our sun and our smiles and do Texas different!

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