New Orleans

New Orleans is rocking! This is the fun capital of fun!. Fabulous nightlife, heartfelt music, extraordinary restaurants, loads of interesting historical attractions–you name it!

located in Louisiana at the southern end of the Mississippi River just before the river enters the Gulf of Mexico. The weather remains relatively warm all year. Snow and ice rarely travel that far south, but the middle of spring and fall are known for their rainy seasons. Summers can be extremely hot and humid even though the city benefits from coastal breezes.

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Tourism is very important to New Orleans economy. People flock here to party and to enjoy the unique cuisine that is a collage of dishes from every country. You will love the food here.

Many people visit New Orleans just for the sensational cuisine. Here’s a few top picks: Clancy’s, Restaurant August ,Coquette, Domenica, Herbsaint , Peche Seafood Grill, Restaurant August, Restaurant August, Wink’s Buttermilk Drop Bakery and Bistro, and Langlois. There are hundreds of awesome restaurants and eateries here.


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