Bridgeport is located on Long Island Sound, a small village with a lot to offer. Captain’s Cove Seaport is a big tourist attraction. Bridgeport has many fine restaurants that serve up delicious seafood dishes and an array of glitzy shops can be found along the boardwalk. Close by the port is Seaside Park.

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Bridgeport has one of the first waterfront parks established in the United States, this beach offers sandy shores with picnic areas and sport fields. Every year an a lagre show of fireworks display is fired off over the water as part of the Barnum Festival.

Dating back to 1948, this festival is another heritage feature in Bridgeport. It boasts live bands, contests, a carnival and other events and takes place between April and July. The only zoo in Connecticut, the Beardsley Zoo is an attraction for all ages to enjoy, featuring a range of exotic and endangered animals, including tigers, bears and turtles.

The perfect location is Bridgeport for romantic dining or for a casual spot to get together for good times.

The Barnum Museum: This fabulous museum is devoted to the great circus entrepreneur P.T. Barnum. The museum features this Barnums story, his dealings with Bridgeport and his founding of the “Greatest Show on Earth.” There are very interesting exhibits and shows.

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