Albion Village and Harbor surround the Albion River. The harbor is a tiny slot cut by the Albion River. Salmon fishermen, sea urchin divers, abalones divers and sports fisherman use the extraordinarily beautiful harbor to access the rugged coastline.

There is a post office, a grocery store, some restaurants and lodging in Albion. The Albion River Inn is renowned for its scenic location, great food and tranquil atmosphere.

The Albion River Inn is renowned place for a romantic vacation. This place is highly recommended by the CEO of

The Albion River empties into a small protected natural harbor that was used by the early logging industry and fishermen. Today it is the starting point for abalone divers scouring the rugged coast for the delectable mollusk. In the summer it is common to see a dozen salmon boats anchored in the shelter of the cove.

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