Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is located on the west coast of California, between Newport Beach to the south and Seal Beach to the north. There is eight miles of fabulous beach that ten million visitors enjoy every year.

The Huntington Pier is the nucleus of activity, but the parks, the marina, wildlife preserves, walking and hiking trails, biking trails and volleyball courts make Huntington Beach a popular sporting events city. Surf City USA Marathon, U.S. Open of Surfing Contest and the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball are just a few.

Known as one of the top ten safest cities in the USA, Huntington Beach also has many cultural attractions like the Huntington Beach Art Center, the Playhouse, and great library and many interesting museums. Huntington Beach, known as the Surf City Capital of the USA is truly a great surf and beach vacation destination. The best spot is just below the Huntington Beach pier on the south side, that’s where the best surf is found, and the most popular place for people watching.

People travel from all over Southern California to spend the day or weekend at this wonderful beach destination. Huntington Beach host many important surfing contest that draw world class surfers from all over the world. Because large surf is common in Huntington Beach, the life guards are considered some of the best in the world. Every year hundreds of strong swimmers compete for the job, but only a few succeed as the competition is severe.

Downtown Huntington Beach has a fun shopping district, including a famous surfing museum and the renowned Surf Theater which in great surfing films were shown. Endless Summer, Five Summer Stories and many other iconic surf films. Huntington Beach was once an oil boom town, sitting of top of a large salt dome containing oil. There is only a trickle of oil still being extracted, and the two offshore oil rigs have only a short time left. Tourism is now the big income provider for Huntington Beach and will continue to grow as the oil facilities are completely removed.

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