Flagstaff is the ideal base for exploring the treasures of northern Arizona. Surrounded by natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff offers dozens of inns, a multitude of hotel and motel accommodations, conference and meeting venues, more than 200 restaurants, numerous night spots, and a variety of cultural, historic and scientific attractions. Visitors from all over the world are attracted to our clean mountain air, year-round outdoor recreation opportunities, historic downtown charm and our Western legacy of pioneer ranchers, railroad builders and lumbermen.

Some of the West’s most beautiful country surrounds Flagstaff , from the alpine forests of our San Francisco Peaks (12,633 feet; 3,851 meters) to the rugged deserts of neighboring Native American nations. The Grand Canyon, Sunset Crater Volcano and Meteor Crater are all within easy driving distance, as are many archaeological treasures.

At the junction of two major U.S. interstates, served by a regional airport and a busy train depot, Flagstaff is a key destination for people seeking the adventure, natural beauty and peaceful solitude of the American West.

Visitors to this exciting mountain town can experience shopping, dining or live music in Flagstaff’s vibrant downtown area. . Lining the streets of Flagstaff is an array of shops and cafes that complement the fine art galleries and lively microbreweries. Flagstaff has a four-season climate and the dramatic San Francisco Peaks offer a stunning backdrop to the area’s activities and attractions. Bring a backpack and hiking shoes for daytime activities and come ready to discover Arizona’s high country.

Flagstaff is the Perfect Year-Round Destination
Flagstaff’s combination of high altitude, low humidity and terrain provide mild weather conditions and clear air throughout the year. At 7,000 feet (2,135 m) elevation, Flagstaff is located in the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the world. However, ecosystems spanning piñon-juniper studded plateaus, high desert, green alpine forest and barren tundra can all be found within the Flagstaff area.

Tips for Comfort
Drink lots of water, apply sunscreen and lip balm frequently, and rest as often as necessary. At high altitude the sun is more intense and you may experience fatigue and shortness of breath. The altitudes vary in northern Arizona, from over 12,000 feet (3,658 m) atop Flagstaff’s Humphrey’s Peak and nearly 7,000 feet (2,135 m) in Flagstaff and at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, to about 4,500 feet (1,372 m) at Sedona and the Painted Desert, and just over 2,500 feet (771 m) in the depths of the Grand Canyon river gorge. No matter what time of year you visit, layering and comfortable clothes are a must in Northern Arizona. Bring comfortable shoes, long pants, short- and long-sleeved shirts, a sweater or fleece, a hat and sunglasses.

January April. Refreshing days and crisp nights! Nights are cold, with temperatures warming up during the day. Layering is key and snow is possible. Bring warm pants, winter coat, gloves, boots and heavy socks.

May August. Perfect summer weather! Days are comfortable with cooler temperatures in the evening. Bring shorts, light pants, rain gear and sandals. During the summer monsoon season of July through mid-September, afternoon thunderstorms and rain showers are possible.

September October. It’s the perfect season to enjoy the fall colors! Days are comfortably cool and refreshing with slightly chilly evening temperatures.

November December. Enjoy Flagstaff’s beautiful winter wonderland! Bring warm pants, a winter coat, gloves, boots and heavy socks. Nights are cold, with temperatures warming up during the day. Layering is key and snow is possible.

Flagstaff is situated at a major crossroads, easily accessible from the east, west and south. Interstates 40 and 17 provide direct access from the West’s major metro areas, including Albuquerque, El Paso, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and, of course, Phoenix and Tucson. Highway 89 provides access from states to the north, and Highway 180 links Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon, just 81 miles (130 km) to the northwest.

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