Although Mobile is one of the oldest port cities in America and steeped in three centuries of history, new sights and experiences are awaiting around every corner.

Mobile’s inviting climate and ideal geographic location allow visitors to enjoy a wide spectrum of activities. We offer nearby white-sand beaches, great golf venues, historic homes and museums from our South’s rich heritage and attractions for the entire family.

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We hope that when you do visit, you will discover in Mobile, “Southern Hospitality” is not just a word, it’s a way of life.

History hangs upon Mobile like the Spanish moss that drapes her live oaks. Already old when the Civil War began, Mobile is distinguished from younger cities throughout the state by her rich Spanish, French, African and Creole heritage. History is reflected not only in the architecture of Mobile, but in cuisine and cultural diversity.

Mobile has always prospered because of its strategic location. A deep bay and harbor area offered a perfect shipping port. The barrier islands of Gulf Shores and Dauphin Island were ideal for military strategists. There they built strong forts to assure that only welcome guests ventured into the bay. Today these many historic forts offer visitors a glimpse into the past.

The international trade sustained by Mobile throughout her 300-year history has provided even the earliest settlers with the finer things from Europe, England, the Mediterranean, and the Orient. Mobile’s five historic house-museums, which are open to the public year-round and display artifacts native to this land, and treasures brought from far away.

Grand houses and public buildings, each with its own distinctive charm reflect the builders’ and owners’ taste and heritage. Festivals and the observance of religious holidays were not forgotten by early settlers; thus, from its founding in 1702, Mobile has celebrated Christmas, “Boef Gras” (now called Mardi Gras), Lent, Easter and more. Modern-day celebrations now include BayFest (October) Kwanza (December) and First Night Mobile (January).

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