The colonial city of Cuenca is the third largest in Ecuador, and home to several fun and exciting festivities. There are plenty of historic areas and amazing buildings as well, so it’s a paradise for sightseers. You will love spending time in this vibrant town.

There are countless things to see and do in Cuenca, and fun opportunities lie around every corner. The New Cathedral of Cuenca, ironically built in 1885, is a colossal structure that can be seen looming tops of other buildings from almost anywhere in the city.

This massive church resembles St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City, and is a sight that you will never forget. Just southwest of the city, the town of Baos is famous for spas and thermal pools. This popular destination attracts thousands of people seeking relaxation and tranquility.

You won’t have any difficulty finding a place to stay in Cuenca. There are plenty of high-quality hotels around town that provide excellent accommodations, and affordable options are available as well.

The restaurants in Cuenca are fantastic, offering the finest in traditional cuisine. Shopping enthusiasts will love touring the local malls and markets, where you can find unique, handmade goods and souvenirs.

There are too many fun and memorable opportunities to count in Cuenca. The only true way to experience the sights and attractions in this vibrant city is to see them for yourself, so come see what Cuenca has waiting for you.

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