The Chilean capitol of Santiago, located in the country’s central valley, is filled with culture, history, and festivities. With a population of well over five million people, Santiago is one of the major cities in South America, and you will find excitement around every corner.

You will have trouble finding more culture packed into one place. Every year, several major festivals take place that attract visitors from far and wide. Independence Day is perhaps the most thrilling celebration that you will come across, because the entire city takes the day off to party together in the streets, and watch the parades and fireworks.

The Santiago Jazz Festival features top musicians from around the world to perform all week in front of thousands of people. Santiago is also home to the International Short Film Festival, where the biggest stars come to display their work. In Santiago, the cultural celebrations are non-stop.

Being a city rich in history, Santiago is home to some of the most fascinating sights, building, and landmarks in South America. One of the most impressive structures that the city has to offer is known as the Basilica de la Merced.

This Chilean National Monument was constructed in the late eighteenth century, features extraordinary neo-renaissance architecture, and is also home to a small museum. Be sure to spend time at Parque Metropolitano, a vast and beautiful park that has breathtaking views, a botanical garden, two swimming pools, and a zoo. Also, La Moneda Palace is an absolute must-see attraction. This colossal presidential palace is will leave you speechless, and guided tours are available.

With its collection of fun and exciting activities, you will never be bored in Santiago. Just over an hour out of town, there are great slopes for skiing and snowboarding. You will also find an impressive number of vineyards and wineries, making wine-tasting is a popular hobby for tourists. There are also several guided tours around the city, letting you get an in-depth look at Santiago’s culture.

Santiago is full of world-class hotels, so you can stay in absolute luxury and comfort. Some of the best five-star hotels include Ritz Carlton Santiago, San Cristobal Tower, and Grand Hyatt Santiago. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, there are several budget-friendly hotels available. You will find a tremendous selection of dining options in Santiago, with every type of cuisine you can imagine. Shopping-enthusiasts will love the collection of malls and markets in Santiago, as well as the local shops and boutiques.

Santiago is a one of a kind place, full of excitement and memorable experiences. There are countless things to do and see in this urban metropolis. Rich in fascinating culture, history and entertainment, and abundant in hotels and attractions, Santiago is the perfect vacation destination.

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