San Pedro de Atacama

Located far to the north, the city of San Pedro de Atacama is one of the major tourist destinations in Chile. You will find countless fascinating attractions, including national parks, archeological sites, and outdoor activities.

San Pedro de Atacama is home to some of the most incredible geographic features and national parks in the world. Geysers del Tatio, over sixty miles from town, is the third largest geyser site on Earth, and one of the most incredible sights you can ever hope to see.

You have to visit the Valle de la Luna, or Moon Valley. This breathtaking valley is full of fascinating formations of rock, and picturesque cliffs that resemble the Grand Canyon. During the summer, there are few better places to visit than Laguna Cejar. Set before the scenic Andes Mountains, Laguna Cejar lets you take a dip in warm, shallow water under the sun. While you,™re in San Pedro, you need to do some of the available outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and mountain climbing.

Tourists will love touring the archeological sites around San Pedro de Atacama. There are three main destinations; the first of which is Pukara de Quitor. Built during the tenth century, Pukara de Quitor is an ancient fortress with an amazing view from the top.

Aldea de Tulor is a village that is estimated to be three thousand years old, yet it remains in unbelievably perfect condition. You will also need to visit the Gustazo Le Paige Archeological Museum, which displays various artifacts from the days of the ancient San Pedro inhabitants.

Because San Pedro is an increasingly popular tourist destination, it won,™t be hard to find a comfortable hotel, and options for all budgets are available. This town is also home countless authentic restaurants and fine dining venues, so you will eat well while you,™re here. Fresh food can also be found at some of the local markets, as well as other goods and handicrafts.

Come visit one of the most fascinating places in the world. The memorable experiences in San Pedro de Atacama are endless, making this Chilean town a tourist,™s paradise.

Tourist flock to the ancient ruins built by the pre-Columbian culture that existed thousands of years ago in the region. The most popular are: archaeological sights, desert trekking, mountain climbing, archaeological tours. At this altitude, acclimatization should be required.

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