Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt is located in southern Chile and has a shipping and commercial fishing port. It is actually the 2nd biggest exporter of salmon. This port also offers sports fishermen and boaters many good recreational activities.

Located in the southern region of Chile, the small, charming mountain town of Puerto Montt is a rapidly growing tourist destination. With beautiful views of the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Montt is one of the most naturally stunning areas in Chile.

You will find several interesting places to visit and sight-see around Puerto Montt. Parque Nacional Alerce Andino is a vast, mountainous national park that offers opportunities to hike through lush, scenic evergreen forests full of vines, ferns and exotic nature. Another interesting place to visit is the seaside Museo Juan Pablo II, which displays pieces of history, archeology.

One of the most popular places in Puerto Montt is known as Iglesia Catedral, which features historical significance and intriguing architecture.

Puerto Montt’s growth in tourism has lead to the development of high-quality hotels, so you are sure to stay in comfort. There are also a variety of gourmet restaurants and shopping venues.

The Pacific port city of Puerto Montt has become a great place to take a vacation. For a fun and unique experience unlike anywhere else, full of breathtaking nature and scenic attractions, come see Puerto Montt has to offer.

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