La Serena

La Serena, Chile is in the north and is known for its lovely beaches. La Serena is charming, ocean-side town located in the north of Chile. It is known for its fantastic, sunny beaches and its variety of exciting opportunities, so you will come across countless fun and memorable experiences.

La Serena is known for having some of the longest stretches of beach in the country, which is great for those who like taking walks along the shore. No matter what kind of beach-goer you consider yourself, a sunbather, a swimmer, or even a sand-castle builder, you are sure to have fun under the sun. A day spent on a white-sand beach of La Serena is truly a good day.

When you’re in La Serena, you will find endless things to do or see in a given day. The Archeological Museum is home to a famous moai head from Easter Island that has toured Europe, as well as other fascinating artifacts.

Another great place to visit is Iglesia San Francisco, which features amazing history and architecture. For a more adventurous activity, head to Isla Damas, where you can go swimming, diving, or hiking, while you immerse yourself in a gorgeous natural environment. You will also find a range of spectacular hotels and restaurants in La Serena, making it an ideal all-around tourist destination.

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