Easter Island

Easter Island with a World Heritage Site located in one of the remotest places on earth. The history of Easter Island is full of fascinating, wild and strange events that will simply amaze you.

Located over two thousand miles off the coast of Chile, the mysterious and isolated Easter Island attracts tourists from all around the world. This remote island, also known as Rapa Nui, is globally famous for its collection of over eight hundred colossal stone monuments, known as moai.

The wonder of these giant statues peaks the curiosity of everyone who visits the island. How were they made? Why were they made? Today, moai can be found in museums all around the world; the largest of which is known as El Gigante, and stands over seventy feet tall.

Many people assume that since Easter Island is so isolated and remote, that access to the island is only for the truly dedicated. However, the island,™s popularity has made it increasingly easy to get to. Since it is home to an airport, flights come in from Santiago quite regularly. Cruise ships often port at Easter Island as well.

A trip to Easter Island is something that you will remember for all your life. Satisfy your curiosity and explore the remote and mysterious Easter Island.

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