Concepcion is the second largest city in Chile with a population of about one million people. It is also most known for being the victim of an 8.8 magnitude earthquake in February of 2010, killing over five hundred people and injury thousands. However, this major city is in a process of restoration, and is filled with fun and exciting opportunities.

Being such a large and cultural city, Concepcion is filled with fascinating buildings and landmarks that display interesting history and amazing architecture. One of the most visited areas in the city is the Universidad de Concepcion, which is home to not only historical buildings, but beautiful, green gardens and lawns as well. You will find a good number of popular museums in Concepcion. One of the most well-known museums is named Museo Hualpan, and it displays artifacts of Pedro del Rio Zartu, a famous world traveler. Another cool place to visit is known as Chivilingo, which was once the first electric plant in Chile. Today, it serves as an interesting museum and a great place to spend a day.

Concepcion is full of breathtaking natural features and beautiful areas to visit. You have to spend time at Parque Pedro del Rio Zanartu while you’re here. It is home to a sunny beach and great walking trails, and it is a perfect place to watch the sunset. Be sure to also check out Hualpen, a small seaside town that is a great place to grab a bite, spend time on the water, or see fantastic nature.

It’s no surprise that Concepcion is home to a variety of top-notch hotels, since it’s the second largest city in the nation. You can decide to splurge and stay in absolute luxury, or stay in an affordable hotel if you’re on a budget. You will also come across an array of great dining options, which makes it easy experience authentic Chilean cuisine. Concepcion is a heaven for shoppers, due to its vast collection of boutiques, markets and shopping malls.

You will fall in love with Concepcion. It’s nearly impossible to run out of things to do, so you will never be bored. In Concepcion, the opportunities for fun and enjoyment are endless.

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