Antofagasta is in the northern part of Chile and has an important shipping port. Mining in very important here. There are nice hotels and attractions, beaches and recreational activities here. Fishing, boating, touring are popular. This city is often called “The Pearl of the North”

Breathtaking beaches, stunning scenery, exciting experiences, and high-quality hotels: these are some of the things that the northern city of Antofagasta has to offer.

If your perfect vacation involves relaxing on a white sand beach under the sun, then Antofagasta is the right place for you. Most of the best beaches are located in the southern part of town, and you will enjoy swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or sailing in the warm, Pacific water.

Being a major tourist hub in Chile, there are countless fun ways to spend time in Antofagasta. The town is full of great restaurants serving both authentic Chilean food and American. One popular activity in the city is to walk southward along the beach and watch the sunset, which is a truly incredible sight. You can also head to the harbor and see pelicans, sea lions, and other animals gather to feed on fish.

You will find that there are several high-quality hotels and resorts in Antofagasta, since it’s such a popular tourist hub. You will stay in comfort on any budget too, because there are a variety of affordable options available. The local markets in Antofagasta are great; you can find anything from fresh seafood to hand-made souvenirs.

In Antofagasta, there are endless fun experiences to be had. Relax on a beach, have lunch at local restaurant, wander the market, then watch the sunset. A trip to Antofagasta is sure to be memorable.

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