Santa Catarina

Even though the southern state of Santa Catarina is one of the smallest in Brazil, it is also one of the best destinations to visit. Fun-filled cities, sunny beaches, and stunning scenery can all be found around the state.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Santa Catarina is the well-known city of Florianopolis, which is also the capitol. Located to the east, this unique, coastal city is positioned half on mainland, and half on an island, connected by bridges.

Florianopolis is also home to several fantastic white sand beaches, and surfing is very popular. The waters offshore are ideal for sailing and fishing as well. You will also find many top-notch luxury hotels, along with relaxing spas.

Gourmet restaurants are plentiful, and there is also a good selection of nightclubs so you can dance ,˜til you drop. The opportunities for fun in Florianopolis are endless.

There are several other destinations in Santa Catarina that are more than worthwhile. Joinville is the largest city in the state, and home many interesting sights and attractions, such as the Museu de Arte de Joinville.

The town of Blumenau is full of German culture and home to many fantastic festivals such as Oktoberfest and Summerfest, both of which are truly unforgettable. Balnea¡rio Camboria is one of the most pristine resort towns in Brazil, and a perfect getaway for beach goers.

There are countless fun ways to spend your time in this small, southern state. Prepare to fall in love with the picturesque beaches and vibrant, cultural cities. In Santa Catarina, life is good.

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