Located along the Costa Verde, to the southwest of Rio de Janeiro, the historic, beachside town of Parati has become a popular tourist destination in Brazil. This charming town is home to rich culture, interesting history and archeology, breathtaking beaches, and countless exciting attractions.

The lush beaches of Parati are among the best in the state of Rio de Janeiro. You will find some of the greenest and most tropical virgin beaches to the north of town. Nestled in a vegetated forest, the beach of Praia Grande is absolutely picturesque. The coastal village of Trinidade is not only home great local bars, restaurants and cottages, but there are several spectacular nearby beaches as well, all calm, quiet, and uncrowded.

In town, fun and fascination can be found around every corner. Take a boat or kayak trip around the surrounding Atlantic, visit one of the three hundred nearby islands, or go diving and snorkeling in the warm, blue ocean. Those who enjoy ecotourism will enjoy the guided hiking tours through rainforest and other areas of Costa Verde. You will also love the nightlife in Parati, with several festive bars and nightclubs where you can dance ,˜til you drop.

Parati is also a paradise for sightseers. The town,™s historic center is full of old, ancient buildings and churches along cobbled streets. One of the most popular places among tourists is Forte Defensor Perpétuo , an eighteenth century keep featuring impressive archeology and history. Parati is also home to a few spectacular waterfalls, such as Andorinhas and Pedra Branca, that are definitely worth seeing.

The options for overnight accommodations are vast. You will find splendid hotels and resorts along the beach, in the historical center, and in the lush, tropical areas of Parati. Numerous local restaurants can be found scattered throughout the town, serving fresh, authentic cuisine.

If your ideal vacation involves relaxing on a sunny beach, touring historic areas, exploring scenic nature, trying great traditional food, and have countless memorable experiences, then the charming, seaside town of Parati is the perfect place for you.

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