Barra da Tijuca

To the south of Rio de Janeiro, spectacular beaches await in the district of Barra de Tijuca. This sunny, seaside neighborhood is also classified as one of the most highly developed areas in Brazil.
There are over ten miles of beach in Barra, which makes it a perfect place to spend time in the sun. However, you won,™t find crowded shores, since this area is a bit off the typical tourist route. Even during the summer and the weekends, you will be able to find a quiet place to lie out upon the white sand.

The beaches of Grumari and Prainha are both located within a nature reserve, so their natural, scenic surroundings will transport you to paradise. Be sure to try your hand at surfing, which is one of the most popular activities in Barra.

Because it is only around thirty years old, Barra da Tijuca is one of the youngest and most modern places in Brazil, and it is also home to a very Americanized lifestyle. With over seven-hundred stores, the Barra Shopping Mall is one of the best, and most expansive, malls in South America.

There are also a handful of luxurious hotels in this highly developed neighborhood, and fantastic restaurants as well. Barra is also known for its exciting nightlife, so you will enjoy dancing all night in a club, or on a beach.

These vibrant festivities truly make Barra da Tijuca an ideal vacation destination. Where else could you go to experience such breathtaking beaches and modern amenities? In Barra, you will find fun and memorable experiences around every corner.

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