Florianopolis is a large island city in southern Brazil. Commercial fishing, boating, beaches, resorts and craft markets make this a very interesting place to visit. The island is bridged three times. There are famous thermal baths and spas. Surfing is very popular in this area. Turtle and penguins are common. Don’t miss the colorful historic center if you like antiques.

Florianopolis is located in southern Brazil, and is the capitol city of the state of Santa Catarina. This unique, coastal city is positioned half on mainland, and half on an island, connected by bridges. Florianopolis is also home to some fantastically bright, sunny beaches. Surfing is a major part of culture in this seaside town as well.

There are all sorts of fun activities to do in Florianopolis. The waters offshore are ideal for sailing and fishing in the sun. There are also great craft markets that sell one of a kind hand-made goods and souvenirs.

The city also has many top-notch luxury hotels, along with famous thermal baths and relaxing spas. There are also a good selection of nightclubs so you can party all night and dance ,˜til you drop. A vacation to Florianopolis is sure to a fun-filled experience you will never forget.

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