The northeastern state of Bahia sits on the Atlantic coast and is home to some of the most scenic beaches in Brazil. The cool, white sand and turquoise-blue water attract people from all over the world. Here,™s a fun fact: Bahia was the very first European settlement in South America. There are also many interesting areas of Bahia that offer distinct luxuries to visitors.

The capitol city, known as Salvador, is a popular destination full of high-quality hotels and resorts, as well as an abundance of shops and restaurants. Porto do Barra marks the actual location where the European landed, and also a popular location to enjoy South American music. Praia is an exciting village filled with resorts and a ton of tourist attractions. These areas, and several others, make Bahia an ideal destination for people wanting to have fun in the sun.

Bahia–simply put, is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the sun, the warm water and the exciting activities. There are dozens of remote beaches and lovely coves to choose from.

Praia is a fun resort village 48 miles north of Salvador with beautiful natural resources, a quaint fishing villages and lots of attractions for the tourists.

Trancoso is another little fishing villages with incredible tropical vegatation, crystal clear bays and nice beaches.

Porto da Barra, the actual location that Europe’s first voyagers landed. There is lots of great South American music to enjoy and a favorite hangout for popular musicians.

Itacare is a cool surfers paradise with excellent beaches and very friendly people.

All in all—Bahia is a fantastic place to enjoy a beach vacation in one of the most exciting and fun destinations in Brazil.

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