The Experience

Baltics and Russia tour offers an insider’s view of Old-World Baltic cities, as well as St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. Explore Helsinki, Finland; Riga, Latvia; Vilnius, Lithuania; and Tallinn, Estonia ,“ with their age-old castles, medieval lanes, and incredible architecture. Travel by air (with an included flight from St. Petersburg to Moscow), coach, train and high-speed ferry. Visit Moscow’s Kremlin and Red Square, with a private presentation by an insider from the Soviet era, and tour St. Petersburg’s Peter and Paul Fortress. More special experiences include lunch in the celebrated Artist’s Gallery restaurant and a visit to Apple Hall, to see works by Zurab Tsereteli in Moscow… and in St. Petersburg, an evening of Russian ballet, a gala “Tchaikovsky Night” dinner, and an exclusive guided visit to The State Hermitage Museum when crowds are fewer!

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