Only a short distance up the road from Alexandra is Clyde. The many stone buildings that still line Clyde’s streets are reminders of the days when the town was in the middle of the Dunstan Gold-rush (1863). Located in the stone courthouse of 1864 is the Courthouse Museum. It mainly concentrates on the history of the early goldfields whereas the Briar Herb Factory nearby displays historic herb processing machinery and has exhibits illustrating the pioneering days in general. Those who want to enjoy a good meal in historical surroundings should try Oliver’s Restaurant. It is housed in what used to be a general store that served the gold miners.

From Clyde, SH 8 follows the shores of Lake Dunstan, by-passing Cromwell on its journey northwards to Lindis Pass and the lakes of South Canterbury. Near the northern end of Lake Dunstan a loop road leaves the main highway and leads to the ghost town of Bendigo. All that remains of this old quartz-mining town are a few ruined stone dwellings and the vague sense of melancholy that clings to such places. Logantown and Welshtown, also ghost towns, are in the near vicinity. Take extreme care when exploring as there are many unmarked mine shafts in the area.

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