Lake Wakatipu

Much more relaxing than jumping off bridges or shooting rapids is a lake cruise on the TSS Earnslaw (1912), a vintage steamer that once carried goods to and from isolated sheep stations scattered around the lake. In the mornings and afternoons, passengers are taken on a three-hour cruise to Walter Peak sheep station for a glimpse of life on a high-country farm. It is also possible to have lunch on board the boat during a short midday cruise and there are evening cruises with a meal at Walter Peak for the romantically minded.

Those who have missed a sailing can at least visit Underwater World on the pier at the end of the Mall – not far from the steamer wharf. An underwater-viewing gallery allows a close-up look at the lake’s inhabitants; native eels, along with rainbow and brown trout are attracted by automatic feeders. Quite often small ducks known as scaup put in guest appearances as they dive in search of food.

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