The Experience

The property is beautiful, the view is breath-taking. Mount Nevis Hotel offered us the perfect combination of intimacy and privacy. It is small enough that the friendly staff remembers you by name, yet spread out over a large property so that you have peace and quiet at all times.

Mount Nevis Hotel | Our Story

Our Story begins in 1989

In Herman Wouk’s 1965 novel, “Don’t Stop the Carnival”, he writes about a New York press agent who decides to abandon his big city life and buy a hotel on a Caribbean island. He thought he would spend his days sipping rum punch and gazing out to sea. Little did he know about operating a hotel on a small Caribbean island. He had much to learn, and so did we.

We built our hotel on Nevis’ Round Hill Estate, a lime plantation in the early 1800’s. We fell in love with the view and decided that it would be the perfect location for a small, intimate, family-run hotel. We set off on a challenge – the biggest of our lifetime. We packed up our lives and left the sleepy town of North Tarrytown, New York for Nevis.

In 2014 our hotel is celebrating 25 years of welcoming new guests and reuniting with old friends. We have weathered many storms and have discovered that rainbows really do exist. As a family, we take great pride in our hotel. We hope we will be able to welcome you to our island that we now call home.

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