The Experience

Kivotos Club Hotel

More than just a Boutique Hotel in Mykonos Greece, the Kivotos Hotel, was not destined originally to become one of the best hotels in Mykonos, for it was meant to be a family villa. What is now considered amongst the foremost Boutique Hotels in Mykonos Greece, offering aesthetically outstanding Mykonos accommodation and Mykonos suites, was originally inspired by an antique.

The concept of the Kivotos Hotel was inspired by the mythical magic of the first antique back in 1992. What was to later become one of the best hotels in Mykonos, came about through the visual combination of a French period mirror against the backdrop of a pristine white wall. Guests Receive:

  • For 2014 & 2015
  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Daily Buffet breakfast, for up to two in room guests
  • $100 USD Resort or Hotel credit, to be utilized during stay
    • (not combinable, not valid on room rate, no cash value if not redeemed in full)
  • Early check-in/late check-out
    • subject to availability

This sparked the owner’s imagination to create a precious Boutique Hotel in Mykonos, Greece, a purely innovative refuge of relaxation; a blend of traditional architecture and original art.


The perfection of this luxury accommodation in Mykonos is in the painstaking attention to detail. Many of the luxurious Mykonos rooms and Mykonos suites have taken as long as a year to complete as every new piece was selected and woven creatively into the overall concept of the room.

Pure in theme, this luxury accommodation in Mykonos is sure to please even the most jaded of international travelers. Feelings of tranquility and exclusivity abound through every carefully chosen detail in these stylishly decorated luxury rooms and suites.

The hotel’s luxury rooms and luxury suites are nestled in a breathtaking landscape, in a Mykonos villa environment with paths that wind their way down through leafy lush grounds and flower gardens to the freshwater pool.

The luxury rooms and suites, preciously housed within whitewashed cubic houses express every trademark of traditional architecture found in Mykonos villas.

Mykonos accommodation that silently echoes the authenticity of Mykonos villas, unobtrusive elegance pervades throughout each and every enchanting Mykonos luxury rooms and suite.

All luxury suites and rooms are wholly individual, an artistic creation of genuine antiques and contemporary fragments. Carefully put together as a whole, they provide bespoke accommodation in Mykonos that is all but an assault on the senses.

A hotel, where no two rooms are similar, stunning hues of white provide extraordinary backdrops to one of a kind objects d’art throughout individual Mykonos luxury suites. Bathrooms are resplendent in marble, offering high-quality toiletries and bathroom amenities.

The breathtaking sea view accommodation reflects the hotel’s philosophy of comfortable living and is felt in every amenity and mood enhancing luxury, from the luxurious Mykonos rooms and Mykonos suites to the opulent Mykonos villa. Housed within the exclusiveness of the Kivotos Hotel, these sublime sea view accommodations in Mykonos are the epitome of eternal elegance and luxury.


Renowned for its gourmet restaurant status within Greece itself, the art of elevated Mykonos dining has firmly placed the Kivotos Luxury Hotel into a Mykonos fine dining restaurant destination unto itself.

For a hotel of its size, the Kivotos Hotel provides its guests an incredible array and choice of all day Mykonos dining from the early hours of the morning until twilight. Host to some of the most acknowledged and celebrated Mykonos restaurants and Mykonos Bars, the experience of both, is sure to linger on in your memory.

Perfection is in the result of many different details that add up to the whole. The element that has placed us foremost into a gourmet restaurant destination in Greece, a Mykonos Dinner Restaurant of the highest calibre, is the intricacy of every tenet of your Mykonos Restaurant and Mykonos Bar experience. The accolade of the premier class of Mykonos Dinner Restaurant that the Kivotos Hotel has garnered begins with the ingredients, all carefully selected by our Mykonos Restaurant chefs, seasonally abundant and always fresh. Dishes served in our Mykonos Dinner restaurant are masterfully prepared, visually colourful and true feasts for the palate.

The elegance of the Mykonos dining experience is an all – round sensory experience in our Mykonos dinner restaurant. As one of the finest gourmet restaurants in Greece, our staff is dedicated and courteous, serving your every need. The fineries of Mykonos dining delights rest finally upon the elegant and sumptuous settings of the Mykonos restaurant within the luxurious environs of the hotel.

Host to two of the most magnificent Mykonos Bars; one Mykonos Bar that you can literally swim up to and enjoy your expertly made drink, the other, a more sophisticated, night time Mykonos bar. Whichever Mykonos Bar you opt for, you are guaranteed an indulgence of the senses. Both our Mykonos Bars and Mykonos Restaurants, boast wine lists featuring some of the finest vintages from all over the world.


Welcome to our celebratory Spa in Mykonos, offering some of the most decadent Mykonos massage spas and hammam (steam bath) experiences. Our Mykonos spa center is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of spa connoisseurs.

An enchanting Mykonos spa – a Mykonos hammam and Mykonos spa club of pure indulgence.

The Mykonos Spa Centre of Kivotos private beach hotel has transformed relaxation and pampering to an art, offering guests a sublime Mykonos luxury spa experience. Our Mykonos spa club that wholly embraces the essence of well-being and health is considered to be one of the foremost spas in Mykonos. This is a Mykonos Spa that keeps to its promise to rejuvenate and induce well-being.

Undoubtedly, one of the most elegant Spas in Mykonos, this Mykonos spa centre exudes sheer luxury and timelessness. The Mykonos hammam with its hedonistically beautiful mosaic tiles offers the ultimate Mykonos Spa experience. Whilst relaxing and steaming in the Mykonos hammam, contemplation and relaxation, as well as the beneficial effects of detoxification, truly take effect.

Boasting some of the best massage in Mykonos, our range of Mykonos massage therapies is extensive. Sourcing techniques from all over the world, our qualified Mykonos massage therapists can personalize and tailor treatments according to our guests’ individual needs. Bespoke and personalized therapies in our Mykonos Massage Spa are truly world class.

The range of treatments and therapies available in our Mykonos luxury spa is extensive. As to whether you book an appointment at our Mykonos Spa centre with beautification or relaxation in mind, our cutting edge therapies are sure to provide an all round Mykonos Spa experience to relish. Our thoroughly trained Mykonos Spa therapists and beauticians offer some of the most comprehensive and holistic treatments of any Spa in Mykonos. Guests Receive:

  • For 2014 & 2015
  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Daily Buffet breakfast, for up to two in room guests
  • $100 USD Resort or Hotel credit, to be utilized during stay
    • (not combinable, not valid on room rate, no cash value if not redeemed in full)
  • Early check-in/late check-out
    • subject to availability
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