Baa Atoll

Until late ’98 this atoll to the north of Male’ Atoll was home to just a single resort. The administrative region of Baa Atoll is comprised of two geographical atolls. The small Goidhoo Atoll also known as Horsburgh Atoll to the south, is also part of the administrative region of Baa Atoll. The population of the atoll is about 10,000 spread out over ten of the islands out of a total of 50. Five are tourist resorts.

The rest lie ,˜deserted’, their vegetation untouched and beaches rarely trodden. Many of them are used for excursions by resorts in the atoll. The reefs of this atoll are in pristine condition, and whether you are a diver or snorkeller the unspoilt natural beauty of the atoll is readily apparent. One of the secrets of Baa Atoll is the large numbers of mantas and whale sharks that visit the atoll, during the southwest monsoon especially from May to July.

Resorts in Baa Atoll offer transport from the airport by seaplane and speedboat, however due to the distance involved seaplane is the more convenient option. The main occupation of the people of this atoll is tuna fishery, however some of the islands are well known for their skilled craftsmen.

Most of the lacquer ware you see for sale in the souvenir shops and resort boutiques are the work of the people of Thulhaadhoo although the main occupation of the people of the island is fishing. Eydhafushi, the capital island was famous for it ,˜feyli’ weaving – a wraparound skirt for women.

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