Big Island Luxury Vacations (Hawaii Island)

The Big Island of Hawaii is awesome, home to Hawaii’s only World Heritage Site, Volcanoes National Park. Besides the magnificent Volcano it features over 150 hiking trails including rain-forest and the Thurston Lava Tube.

The Big Island is the Golf Capital of Hawaii! Enjoy Championship Golf Courses. There are lots of spectacular golf courses in all! Make sure to call us to make sure you get your tee times: 1 415 827 4981. Click here to  see a few of the most popular attractions in Kona.

Another great reason to visit the Big Island! You can see 90% of all the stars visible from Earth! Big Island is home of the tallest mountain in the world ~ Mauna Kea! At the top you can visit 11 observatories representing 11 nations ~ the most observatories collected at one site. A great place for stargazing! Hawaii Island vacations features the diverse ecology of 11 of the 13 climate zones. The Big Island has 43 beaches including white sand, black sand and green sand beach. For beautiful white sand beaches these resorts are the best: The Fairmont Orchid, the Mauna Kea Resort, and the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotels. Click here to see the Resorts and Hotels on Hawaii Island. 

Honaunau National Historical Park, called The City of Refuge by the locals, is an interesting historical site on Honaunau Bay. It’s a scared spot on the Island. Here, ancient Hawaiians could flee from a death sentence. If they managed to make here alive they were safe. Don’t miss this attraction. An unusual attraction on the Kona Coast is the presence of huge manta rays. They get up to 20 feet across and look intimidating, however they are very friendly and curious. The hotels on the water have strong lights that attract the mantas every night. Snorkelers and scuba diver delight in swimming with them.

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