The Experience

In the early eighteenth century the site of the Grand View Beach Hotel was known as Wilkie,™s Battery. It was the corresponding fort to Fort Duvernette when the French were the occupiers of the island and Calliaqua was the commercial capital.

This changed after the Carib Wars between the French (one-time allies of the Caribs) and the British, and in 1763 the island came under British rule. In the late nineteenth century the building was converted into a cotton drying-house for the Villa Estate.

In the 1940s into the private residence of the Sardine family.

In December 1964 the doors of Grand View Beach Hotel was opened.

Grand View is conscious of the sustainability of the environment, laundry is hand-washed and line-dried, water is heated by the sun, water pumped by a windmill from the well is used for filling the pool and watering the herb garden. The pool pump and filter system is powered by solar panels.

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