The Experience

11-day Switzerland tour takes you from the soaring panoramas of the Alps to the serene beauty of her lakes, chic resorts, and four distinct cultures ,“ plus a glimpse of northern Italy,™s fashionable lake district. Journey into the Alps in a private domed observation car on the Glacier Express… climb mighty mountains by cogwheel train to Gornergrat to view the Matterhorn… stay in historic hotels in the heart of world-famous resort towns like Montreux, Lugano and St. Moritz… cruise aboard a private boat to the Borromean Islands on Lake Maggiore… and after-hours, ascend to the top of Mt. Titlis for a exclusive ,“ an after-hours tour of Europe’s highest suspension bridge and a farewell reception and dinner of local cuisine at the summit. Stunning scenery, centuries of rich history and warm, welcoming people await you on ultimate Switzerland tour.

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