Trans Siberian Railway

The mere mention of the Trans Siberian Railway conjures up a feeling of mystery and excitement. The legend of the Trans Siberian ,“ the world´s longest train journey ,“ has lured people to undertake this mammoth trip ever since it was launched in the late 19th Century. Traveling by Trans Siberian Railway gives more than just new experience.

It opens your memory for unforgettable impressions and enriches the knowledge of our Planet. Traveling by Trans Siberian Railway is a challenge for those who would like to have more than few hours journey by train. Tours including travel by Trans Siberian Railway during several days give a unique chance to see the immense Russian spaciousness with grand rivers and huge forests, to enjoy beautiful views of natural landscapes.

Possible Tour Highlights: Transit tours to China and Mongolia by Trans Siberian Railway; The most interesting and picturesque part of Trans Siberian Railway is the Golden Buckle of the Great Siberian Trail ,“ a section between Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. The construction of this section took 4 years. Ancient crystal rock: granite, gneiss, gabbros, diabases possess enormous strength; the step rocky shores precipitously go under waters, forcing to make excavations and niches in rocky cliffs, to construct arches and tunnels.

Only within the section of 56 miles from Kultuk to Port Baikal there are 48 aches and tunnels and plenty of bridges supporting walls! This part is righteously regarded as the museum of Russian engineering thought and is just as famous as the Golden Buckle of the Great Siberian Trail.

Every two days “Russia” (Train Number 1) pulls out of Moscow´s Jaroslavl station, its destination is the Pacific port of Vladivostok, over 9,000 kilometers away. The train soon passes through Russia´s legendary Golden Ring giving way to rural landscapes and silver birch groves. It crosses the Urals mountains, where the obelisk marking the border between Europe and Asia can be seen, before entering Siberia. The train continues its way through Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, following the southern shore of the stunning Lake Baikal, the world´s deepest and largest freshwater lake. Six days after leaving Moscow, the train reaches Khabarovsk where you may stop off or transfer directly to a train which runs to Vladivostok.

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