Sakhalin and Kurile Islands

The Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands are located on the east of Russia; to the north and quite near Japan. The Major Kurile Archipelago stretches for 1,200 kilometers north west to the Kamchatka Peninsula. It includes 56 islands, of which Iturup, Kunashir and Paramushir are the largest.

The Sakhalin Island lies between the continent and the Kuriles. It is equal in size to the European countries of Austria, Switzerland or Ireland. The Sakhalin resembles a giant fish in its shape. The broadest part of the island is about 160 km. The narrowest place – Poyasok Isthmus – is only 47 kilometers long. Nature reserves, protected by the state comprise 11,8 % of the region’s area: 2 reserves (Poronaysky and Kurilsky), 1 special nature reserve of federal value (Maliye Kurily), 11 game preserves (protect and reproduce species),2 complex special nature reserves, 47 natural monuments, 1 National Park “Moneron Island”, situated on a rocky island close to the Sakhalin southwestern coast. It is the first marine national park in Russia. It is located in the Tatar Strait, by the farthest southwestern point of the Sakhalin. The area of the island is about 30 square kilometers. The rare combination of various forms of underwater relief and influence of the warm Tsusimskoye Current explain why there are so many specimen of subtropical shellfish, sea urchin (Strongilacentrotus) and many fingered starfish in the underwater world of the Moneron Island.

The tourists will be enchanted by the solemn cliffs, coming down steeply to the, waterfalls, numerous bird colonies, inhabiting the sea area close to the island small rocky islets, remnants of the Japanese paths, crossing the whole island, legends about the island?s history. Traveling along the island, the clients will find themselves in different climatic zones during several hours – shifting from the wilder ness of taiga to subtropical forests, from the mossy tundra to the jungles of giant plants. Considerable part of the territory is covered with mountains.

From December through April we offer skiing tours and ice fishing. Sufficient snow layer on the Sakhalin appears in the middle of December, and that is the right time to start winter trips. Imagine sensing the breath of win ter, observing magnificent winter landscapes, enjoying breathtaking descent from the snow covered mountain tops! You can experience all this on our winter tours.

In May and June tourists enjoy our rafting tours. It is the time when nature on the Sakhalin awakes from its winter sleep,the snow melts intensively, rivers are abounding in water and their currents are rapid.

From June through ther is fun hiking, speleological tours, trips around the lighthouses of the island, to the Kurile Islands, as well as to the Moneron and Tyuleny Islands.

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