There are three major distinct mountain chains in the Carpathians, each one displaying a wide range of natural beauties. The most famous resorts in the Eastern are Carpathians Durau, Vatra Dornei and Borsa.

Durau is situated down at the basis of Ceahlau mountain, the so-called “Olympus of Moldavia”. As the legend says, this mountain is the house of the ancient spirits. One thing is for sure, though, this mountain is also the house of the mountaineers, as it is one of their favorite aims.

Vatra Dornei is a resort looking up to the high peaks of Rarau-Giumalau mountains. It is well-known for its mineral waters, as well as for its ski tracks. Furthermore, its cheese assortments are also said to be the best.

Destinations in Carpathians: Sinaia was the summer residence of Romania’s royal family. During the second half of the 19th century, king Carol I built here the PELES CASTLE, the resorts’ emblem and also one of the best-preserved royal residencies in Europe. This is one of the most popular places for spending holidays, especially during the winter season, due to its ski tracks – of different difficulty levels – as well as the bob-sleigh track.

Borsa, is situated in the North, at the bottom of Rodnei Mountains, in the famous land of Maramures. Talking about this resort means, first and foremost, talking about winter sports and expeditions aiming at exploring a mountain higher than 2,000 meters.

The hard rock peaks and the glacial lakes are specific to the Southern Carpathians, the highest mountain chain, out of the three ones that cross Romania. The Bucegi mountains “keep a sharp eye” on the so popular Prahova Valley, with its resorts. Upwards, on the Bucegi plateau, the winds and the rains have turned the rocks into spectacular figures, such as the “Sphinx”, a rock with the shape of a human-like face, with a lingering and enigmatic smile.

The wild Retezat Mountains – declared National Park early in 1935 – are the perfect place for expeditions. The Paltinis resort, not far away from Sibiu city, looks like a real medieval fortress and it is the right place to spend your holiday – either during the summer or in the winter.

The Western Carpathians are not very high. The Moti (inhabitants of Western Carpathians), the people living here are the storytellers, the ones with old traditions and a wonderful folklore. The limestone mountains let the nature create and therefore the caverns as well as other strange and yet spectacular phenomena are here the ones on the spotlight. STANA de VALE and SEMENIC are two resorts in the Padurea Craiului Mountains, where you can surely have a great time and improve your performances in the winter sports.

One of the most peculiar phenomena worldwide is the one of the Mud Volcanoes, in the East of the country, not far from Buzau city. The hot gas emanation and the wet earth create an ever-changing moon-like image.

Prahova Valley is the place where romanticism, history and traditions meet nature and sports.

You can get there either by car or by train, coming either from Bucharest or from Brasov. In no time you are in the most popular mountain region of Romania and the main center for winter sports, as well.

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