Dublin is a big city in Ireland with lots of very exciting attractions and cultural activities. The Vikings arrived centuries ago and colonized the country. Now Dublin is an important finance center in the world business community.

The Old Dublin Castle dates back to 1230, and is one of the most popular tourist sites in Ireland, however there are hundreds of very interesting landmarks and historical buildings with a rich history. Dublin has more parks and nice green space than any other European country and is beautiful to photograph.

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There is a lot of great theatres to chose from in Dublin, fine museums, great art galleries and music venues. Shopping here is fun and has a tremendous selection of fine shops. There are hundreds of fine restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, public houses and bars to enjoy on your visit.

Sports are huge in Dublin, rugby, ice hockey football, golf, and the biggest swimming pools in Ireland. Boxing is popular, with many famous boxers coming from Dublin.

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