Thracian Islands

Both of the islands in the Thracian Sea, Thasos and Samothraki, have far more in common with the northeastern Greek mainland than with the other islands further south in the Aegean.

Pine trees, mountains, even cold, snowy winters counterbalance the requisite beaches and blue waters; and the swimming season is far shorter than it is on, say, balmy Rhodos.

Well off the Piraeus ferry routes that lead to the main tourist islands, both Thasos and Samothraki are easier to reach from the Macedonian (Kavala) or Thracian (Alexandroupoli) mainland, or by plane from Thessaloniki, than from other islands, including each other, and people who come here to vacation tend to stay put. There’s no reason to leave: with plenty to explore, from mountain forests to ancient ruins, and great beaches, each of these islands has more than enough to occupy a visitor for weeks.

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