Santorini, also know as Thira, is widely considered to be Greece’s most spectacular island. Thousands of tourists come every year to gape at the caldera of this volcano, a vestige of what was probably the world’s largest volcanic eruption ever.

This eruption, which occurred sometime around 1450 BC, caused the middle of the volcano to sink, leaving a caldera of high cliffs, one of the world’s most dramatic geographic spectacles.

Santorini Attractions: Prehistoric Thera – At the southern tip of the island this is undoubtedly the best-preserved and most important sites on the island. You will come away here with an insight into the culture of Santorini.

Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni – Are the two small islands in the middle of the bay of Quarter moon shaped Santorini born from volcanic activity around 2000 years ago make these Greece’s baby islands. Worth a trip over to view the solidified lava flows.

Archaeological Museum – Many works of art as well as sculpture are to be found here. Located in the island’s capital of Fira is a fascinating collection of exhibits mainly from the site in Thera.

The Wine Museum – Santorini is world famous for it’s wines, and this museum is housed in a winery owned by the Koutsoyiannopoulos family.

Santorini Beaches: The beaches of Santorini show the signs of volcanic activity 3,500 years ago. Santorini has unique beaches with white, red, or black sand. In the summer, the black sand gets so hot that you’ll have to have a grass mat .

Perissa Beach – Black sand beach sitting on the southern flankof Porfitis llias.
Kamari Beach – Huge gray sand beach on the northern flank of llias Profitius.
Red Beach – The beach has fine red sand and rocks.
Monolithos Beach – Peace and quiet beach, just north of Kamari and on the eastern coast.

Santorini Activities: For thrills, spills and competitivity nothing beats the Formula 1 Experience at Santorini’s most accomplished indoor karting track.

Wine Tours: For many no visit to SANTORINI is complete without experiencing first hand the wonder of Santorini wines. Visit one of Greece’s most exclusive vineyards and taste many of their most famous wines.

Sailing & Watersports: For many groups a trip to Santorin is not complete without some type of water activity. The number of activities on offer naturally increase during the spring and summer months but Santorini’s mild climate does insure that sailing in particular can take place throughout the year.

Bicycle tours on the island of Santorini. You can enjoy on the mountain bikes tours on the island.

Windsurfing: Windsurfing is one of the most popular activity on the island.

Santorini Nightlife: Santorini is full of bars, clubs, and nightclubs. You can start the evening with a coffee or a drink at a cafe or bar overlooking the Caldera at sunset. Later in the night you can choose one of the bigger nightclubs located in the main night strip area or head to a smaller club with a more casual atmosphere.

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