Ionian Islands

Ionian islands are in the Ionian Sea on the Italian side of Greece, with the exception of Kythira which is south of the eastern Peloponessos. They are connected by ferry to the towns of Patras in the Peloponessos, and Corfu and Cefalonia are connected by ferries from Italy.

The 7 Island Group or Eptanissa even though there are more than 7 of them: Corfu, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithika, Kefallonia and so on! These islands are considered Italianate or influenced by the Venitians who held sway here for many years as did the British.

Each island has its idiosyncrasies of culture and cuisine, and differing dollops of European and British influences. Their surfeit of charms include mountainside monasteries, Venetian campaniles, un spoilt villages, ancient olive groves, famous wines, white beaches and ludicrously blue-heaven waters.

When to Go: ┬áPrime time in the Ionian’s is late spring to early summer and autumn – that’s Easter to mid-June and September-October. Mid-June to the end of August is party time on the islands – swell if you like things sweltering, swarming and sold-out.

Islands in Ionian Islands:

Corfu Greek Island
Ithika Greek Island
Kefalonia Greek Island
Kythira Greek Island
Andi – Kythira Greek Island
Lefkada Greek Island
Paxi Greek Greek Island
Zakynthos Greek Island

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