The lovely town of Grasse is found in the stunning backcountry of the Cote d, Azur, or French Riviera, exceptionally close to some of the world,™s best sun and beaches, yet at the same time, is a true haven of well-being, brimming with authentic flavors and rich indescribably incredible fragrances.

Rising above the Mediterranean, from the hills above, is the city of Grasse, the perfume capital of the entire world. This gorgeous destination is surrounded by the endearing Provencal landscape and charming villages of the Pays de Grasse, the regional name for this breathtaking and tranquil countryside. Together, they form the French Rivera,™s most extraordinary balcony.

At the dawn of our new millennium, expressing, with renewed emphasis, authenticity personal well-being, as well as the invigorating outdoors, the Pays de Grasse finds itself in the spotlight as a vast amphitheatre, distinctly marked with fascinating historic and architectural treasures.

During your remarkable Grasse vacation, you will see stunning perched villages atop gently rolling hills, embellished with olive trees, which seem to roll all the way down to the sea. Here, in this exquisitely preserved town, the locals still speak the language of their ancestors, as they seek to both preserve and to share their identity.

During your Grasse vacation, the people of Grasse and the Pays de Grasse will warmly welcome you. Their true ambition is to be certain you enjoy their region,™s invaluable opportunities for rest and relaxation, fine dining and recreation, and endless discovery.

Discover for yourself the flower fields of Grasse, and walk inside the legendary perfumeries where you can even purchase the very products you witnessed the creation of. In addition, within the last few years in Grasse, it has even become possible to participate in the entire perfume making process ,“ starting with the theory, to the flower, to the final creation of your own personal perfume.

Due to this long enduring tradition, the architectural wealth of Grasse has thrived. The cathedral and its art collection alone warrant a visit to Grasse. During your Grasse vacation, be sure to venture within the city,™s many museums, including the International Perfumery Museum. The shaded alleyways and splashing fountains, remind us that we are, indeed, in Provence.
Grasse also must include visits to the city’s spectacular gardens, living witnesses to the glories past of the French Riviera.

In addition, Grasse’s green, leaning echoes in the city’s leisure activities, with Grasse boasting the most golf courses in the region, with territory stretching many miles, providing beautiful promenades to be explored on foot or by bicycle.

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