Brela is a source of divine beauty ,“ due to the dense, verdant pine forests, splendid beaches, and crystal clear sea. Brela is a beautiful seaside town in central Dalmatia, situated on the Makarska Riviera, at the foot of Biokovo. Brela has long been recognized, for decades, as one of Dalmatia’s most attractive seaside resorts. The gorgeous setting is created by beautiful pine forests bordering pristine pebble beaches.

Brela also provides a wonderful coastal promenade which hosts a number of excellent seafood restaurants. Accommodations in Brela are of the highest quality, which has been attested to by opinion polls which rank Brela’s hotels among Croatia,™s very best.

Aside from swimming and sunbathing, Brela also provides a significant number of sports and recreational opportunities. Local restaurants serve sensational local and international cuisine. In addition, cultural and entertainment programs are offered during the high tourist season. Also, excursions are also regularly organized.

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The town was also called Donja Brela (Lower Brela). Hot summers are moderated by soothing landward breeze. The air temperature in the autumn and winter months is generally considerably lower due to the fierce, seasonal bora (“vruljska”). Brela’s economy is primarily based on farming, viticulture (Breljanska Vugava, Prosek, a kind of port wine); it’s major crops being olives and sour cherries (Maraska).

The town of Berulia, mentioned by Constantine Porphyrogenitus (10th c.), emerged at this very location. The present town of Brela has developed in recent history due to the migration of people from small villages and hamlets situated under Biokovo Mountain.

Sites of interest in Brela include the parish church from the 19th century that had been built on the previous site of a Baroque church; Next to Brela’s cemetery is the medieval necropolis with eight tombstones adorned with reliefs (shields and swords). The church houses several tombstones from the 18th century.

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