Brussels is a rich city, an international city, a city of great importance in the European Union. Originally the people of Brussels spoke Dutch; however French is mostly spoken now. Brussels is the capital of Flanders. The NATO Headquarters is in Brussels, as well as many international institutions. Many consider Brussels to be Europe’s Capital. Brussels was heavily bombed by the Germens during World War Two, but has rebuilt and now has regained its old grandeur.

Brussels vacations are a great experience because the city never sleeps, the people are wonderful and the attractions are too numerous to list. Plan at least a week to enjoy Brussels on your vacation, otherwise you’ll be disappointed. The Flanders Festival has hundreds of exciting events. Also see the Wallonia Festival if possible, you’ll have a ball!.

Brussels is a gourmet’s delight with fine cuisine of every conceivable taste, street cafes and magnificent restaurants fit for royalty.

Brussels goes way, way back; it started as a fort in the 10th century and has grown to have a population of almost three million.

The Market Square in Brussels is a great place to mingle with the locals, to hear street musicians and see all the activities.

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