The Experience

After a 40-minute car ride from Xian Xianyang International Airport, you arrive at a vision of luxury. Your gaze takes in the grand architecture of Golden Flower Hotel, Xian.

Friendly faces welcome you when you step into the hotel,™s elegant lobby. At once, it is evident that this exquisite hotel is set to surpass your expectations.

Attentive staff assist your check-in. Soon after, you are crossing the threshold to your enchanting suite. Classical Chinese furnishings adorn the spacious accommodation while its windows offer beautiful vistas of the Xian cityscape.

You spend your day exploring the historical capital of China. Walking around Culture Street and Calligraphy Street, you buy little trinkets as memories of this ancient city. Afterwards, a short drive in the hotel,™s limousine brings you to the world-famous site of the Terracotta Warriors.

You return to the hotel feeling hungry. Recalling the concierge’s suggestion, you head to Shangri-La,™s signature Shang Palace restaurant. Immaculate Cantonese, Sichuan & Shaan Xi dishes are grounded in tradition, while their exquisite flavours leave you intrigued and satisfied.

After such an experience, there’s only one thing left to do – a therapeutic massage within the Fitness Centre to send you into blissful oblivion.

Back in your suite, the windows reveal a blue moon emanating an ethereal light. Tomorrow, the city awaits you with discoveries, both old and new.
For tonight, you have your own peaceful haven: Golden Flower Hotel, Xian, by Shangri-La.

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