The village, with its 4,000 inhabitants, is especially loved by young backpackers and low-budget travelers. It is usually fully booked during the holidays and during Costa Rican school vacations because Ticos, too, come here in search of sun and relaxation. Sun and sea are the true attractions of this village, which consists of little more than a long main street with several intersections and houses that look as if they might collapse at any minute. The ancestors of the current village residents stem from Jamaica (as in Puerto Limon) and came to Costa Rica in the middle of the 19th century.

White sand beaches fringed with coconut palms, a relaxing atmosphere, and a total absence of hectic activities or stress attract young people. Backpackers mingle with Rastafarians who wear their hair in meter-long dreadlocks. The lively beat of reggae music, Rastas and ganja (marijuana) characterize this resort. What could be better than spending a lazy day on the beach, swimming and sunning? Nights are dedicated to never-ending parties and an seemingly endless supply of tropical pleasures.

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