Playa Zancudo

Another excursion from Golfito to the beaches of the Golfo Dulce (“Sweet Gulf’) could end at Playa Zancudo. The beach stretches along the mouth of the Rio Coto Colorado, about 15 kilometers south of town. The black sand beach is the most popular and among the most beautiful in the area. During the dry season it is the favorite beach of locals. The estuary of the Rio Coto Colorado is characterized by mangroves whose branches attract a wealth of birds. Many exotic plants grow along the moist banks of the river that delivers enough fresh water to give the gulf its name, “sweet.” The tropical sun and the gentle waves lapping the black sand make time go by only too quickly.

Zancudo means “mosquito” in the language of the Indians. These unpopular insects, though not really a plague, are certainly well-represented. The village of Zancudo, located on a short spit of land, has a number of hotels and restaurants. Many U.S. retirees make their dreams of paradise come true at Zancudo.

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