Just a few kilometers north of San Pedrillo – or four kilometers southwest of Bahia Drake – is another private rain forest preserve called Marenco. The 500hectare area offers the nearest available overnight accommodations to the Corcovado National Park.

Marenco is a good example of ecologically positive “gentle” tourism. The protection of nature and information targeted at environmentally concerned tourists are the primary concern of this resort. Marenco is managed by Sergio, a Costa Rican who runs a biological research station with a staff of scientists who also work at the resort. The scientists at Morenco entertain guests with informative lectures and slide shows focusing on the geology, geography and biology of this unique privately-owned protected nature area.

Morenco has four kilometers of excellent, well-maintained hiking trails, which guests can explore on foot or on horseback, with or without a guide. Eight distinct types of jungle are recognizable along the trails. One path runs parallel to the rocky beach to Rio Claro, a river that in several places tumbles in waterfalls and cascades into small fresh-water pools, providing hikers with refreshing showers or baths in the cool pools. The waters of the Pacific hereabouts are often warmer than vacationers seeking refreshment might prefer.

All four species of monkey native to Costa Rica are found in Morenco. In addition, there are some 400 different species of bird: flocks of pelicans can be seen from the shore scooping up fish; bright red macaws fly through the thick forests while giant parrots break the silence with their cries; hummingbirds flutter around the brimming cups of tropical flowers, sipping nectar; and brilliant tanagers and flycatchers flit among the trees, clearly audible and visible from the hiking trails. The Morenco Lodge occupies an idyllic location, crowning a rocky hilltop in the center of a vast tropical area of untamed nature. It offers a superb panoramic view of the park and its spectacular surroundings.

Transportation to the lodge and room reservations should be made well ahead of time, preferably before leaving San Jose. Other arrangements and reservations for excursions to the Isla del Cano can be made from Marenco.

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