Satun is a province in the South of Thailand that borders Malaysia. Situated on the west coast in the vicinity of the Straits of Malacca in the Indian Ocean. Satun is about 973 kilometers. Its total area of 2,478.98 square kilometers also encompasses 105 islands. The mainland’s shoreline extends 144.80 kilometers in length. Inroduction.

Satun consists of six adminstrative districts (Amphoe) and one subdistrict (King amphoe): Amphoe Muang Satun, La-ngu, Thun Wa, Khuan Kalong, Khuan Don, Tha Phae; and King Amphoe Manang. The unique bi-cultural characteristics of the people in Satun reflect social harmony anong the people of two faiths: Buddhists and Muslims. In addition, Satun also hosts the cultures of an indigenous group called Chao Le (Orak Lawoi, Orang Laut or Sea Gypsies) or an official label of Thai Mai (recently naturalized Thai) whose settlements can be found on Lipeh Islands, Tambon Ko Sarai, Amphoe Muang Satun; and on Bulone Island. These people observe distinctively different cultures and traditions from those of the local people.

Nam Tok Yaroey (Yaroey Waterfalls)is approximately 6 kilometers from Thale Ban National Park or 14 kilometers from Khuan Satore T-intersection and a further 300 meters off the main road. The falls boast fabulous cascades and refreshing pools for visitors to relax under the shades of the lush green trees and to take a cool dip in the pools.

Tham Lod Puyu ( Puyu Passing Through Cave)is located at Khao Yakang, to the south of the Park. The ceilings of the cave are formed with exotic stalagmites and stalactites. Along both banks of Puyu canal mangroves grow in abundance. Tham Lod Puyu can be reached by boat from Tammalang Pier, which takes about one hour or two hours for a round trip.

Wang Sai Thong Waterfalls
Located in Tambon Nam Phud, Wang Sai Thong Waterfalls flow from the slopes of limestone mountain ranges creating fabulous cascades and refreshing pools of water. Larger trees are abound around the falls, an ideal place for recreation. At present, however, the site has no overnight accommodation and is not easily accessible.

Ko Bo Chet Luk (Seven-Well Island)
This island is only about 2 kilometers from Pak Bara Pier. There are many beautiful beaches on the island, of which the most intruguing is Hat Ka Sing. The serene atmosphere, the clean fine sand on the stretch of beach, rocks of magnificient shapes, and the simple and friendly way of life of the fishermen’s community, all make a visit to the island a memorable one. To get to the island, take a long tail boat from Pak Bara Pier.

Satta Khuha Cave
It’s located at Village No. 10, Tambon Nam Phood, Amphoe La-ngu. Tham Satta Khuha is a large limestone cave with exotic stalagmites and stalactites. The cave ceilings are nestled with a large number of bats. A stream winds through the passage of the cave, an ideal site for spelunkers to canoe along the stream. The cave is located in the Khao Banthad’s Wildlife Conservation Area.

Hat Pak Bara (Pak Bara Beach)
Hat Pak Bara is located in Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe La-ngu. The pristine beach runs along the 4-kilometer road from La-ngu to Pak Bara Pier. The casuarina trees on both the sides of the road make the ride pleasant and memorable. Hat Pak Bara is suitable for short time excursionists who seek privacy and tranquillity or want to go on a picnic or for group tourists who want to camp out on the beach. The charms of Hat Pak Bara lie not in the sparkling waves or colorful seashells on the sand, but in the numerous picturesque inlands which form a panoramic view from the shore. The greyish profile of Langkawi and Tarutao Islands which contrasts the blue horizon adds a precious asset to Pak Bara’s tranquillity. Those who have some knowledge of the history of Tarutao are able to appreciate the melancholy and loneliness suffered by those who were detained on the island and those who awaited the return of their loved ones. In those times, Tarutao, surrounded by the impregnable natural fortress of deep sea, was too far a distance to make a getaway. The only crowded scene can be experienced at Pak Bara Pier at the end of La-ngu -Pak Bara road, where there are regular boat services for tourists to various islands. The boats are of private ownership, Tarutao National Park, and deep sea fishing boats, berthed on the shore and at the pier for transshipment of goods.

Phetra Islands National Park
Geographically, Pethra Islands are a national park located in the Straits of Malacca in the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean. The area is partly under the administrative jurisdiction of Tambon Ko Sokon, Amphoe Palian, Trang Province; Tambon Khon Khlan, Amphoe Thung Wa, and Tambon Pak Nam, Amphoe La-ngu, Satun Province. The park covers 22 islands with a total area (land and sea) of 208,987 rai or an equivalent of 491.38 square kilometers. Thailand – Malaysia borders lie 30 kilometers away to the south of the park. The Phetra Islands National Park was established in 1973 and its establishment was proclaimed in the Royal Gazette in 1994 as the 49th park in the country’s national park system. The main islands which constitute the park are Ko Lidi, Ko Bulon, Ko Khao Yai, and Ko Phetra, etc. Because Phetra Islands National Park is the host of nature’s beauty, virgin forests, untouched mountains, it is flourished with bountiful species of wildlife in addition to the picturesque and colorful corals in the sea.

Hat Rawai (Rawai Beach)
Hat Rawai is part of Phetra Islands National Park. It is located at Village No. 2 and 4, Tambon Khon Khlan, Amphoe Thung Wa, 26 kilometers from the district office. To get there, drive along La – ngu – Thung Wa road; take a turn at the intersection at Baan Wangtong, Village No. 4, Tambon Nathon ; take another turn at the intersection that leads to Ban Sila. The beach was once accessible by motorcycle only but now it can be reached by car. Hat Rawai is approximately 3,500 meters long. To the north of the beach lies Khlong (canal) Wang Won and on the west side Ko Sukon of Trang Province, can be seen. The beach is lined with casuarina trees. It is recommended for camping.

Ko Khao Yai (Big Hill Island)
Ko Khao Yai, part of Petra Islands National Park, lies to the west of Pak Bara Pier. Admired from afar, the shape of the island resembles a stone castle. At one end of the island is a natural stone gate which juts into the sea where a small boat can pass through. The area is where the Satun Aquaculture Office is located. On the other side of the island is a large U-shaped bay 700 meters wide. During the low tide, a cluster of corals can be seen aprallel with the shores. The waters around the gulf are calm all year round;pearls are cultured here. Tourists can also visit the pearl culture farms. Koh khao Yai can be reached by various means of transportation; however, the most convenient way is to take a boat from Pak Bara Pier.

Ko Lidi: The Twin Islands
An area off the coast of Amphoe La-ngu, over one kilometer from Hua Hin village, lies two islands known officially as “Ko Liki”, the islands in the Petra Islands National Park. Lidi islands are a haven for visitors who want privacy because the islands are small and uninhibited. The only buildings found on the island belong to the staff of a private company which has been granted a concession of the precious swallows’ nests. Although there are thousands of swallows inhabiting the caves, their flocks cannot be seen easily because the caves where they nestle are accessible only bydiving along the narrow paths. The charm of Lidis lies on the twin islands of almost equal size and three or four islets to the south. Normally these islets are under the water; however, during the low tide they emerge along with the sand dunes linking the islands with the islets. Islanders can walk to explore the real, mysterious, and charming ambiance created by nature. The charms of Lidis are not well known to visitors due to the fact that there are many other beautiful places nearby; thus, the site has been overlooked by visitors although it is more convenient to reach that many other islands.

Currently Lidi, is the home of the Warden Unit of Petra Islands National Park. Accommodation has been built and camp grounds are provided for visitors for overninght stay. To reach Lidi, visitors may take a 5-kilometer trip from La – ngu by car or motorcycle to Hua Hin villange or a 7- kilometer trip to Ao Noon (the site of the office of Petra Island National Park). From both places , a fisherman’s boat can be hired with reasonable prices to take visitors to the twin islands. The trip is guaranteed to be worth the money.

Ko Bulon
This is a group of islands in the Phetra Islands National Park, situated about 22 kilometers from Pak Bara Pier. Of all the islands, Ko Bulon Le is the most prominent.

Ko Bulon Le, labeled as “Pearl of the Andaman”, flourishes with large and small colorful and exotic corals and species of fish such as tiger fish, starfish, etc. It is a must for underwater enthusiasts who enjoy diving into the world of beauty endowed by nature. Bulon is not only reputed for its extravagant underwater beauty, it also boasts shady casuarina lined white sandy beaches, crystal clear navy blue waters, and the charming and hospitable way of life of the Chao Le inhabitants in addition to its tranquillity and unspoiled nature. It is a mecca for those who seek solitude and true beauty of nature.

Transportation to Ko Bulon
From Hatyai, visitors can use the same modes of transportation and follow the same routes that go to Tarutao. Boats can be boarded at Pak Bara Pier daily, leaving at 14:00 hours and returning at 9:00 hours. One way ticket costs Baht 110 per person. The trip takes one and a half-hour.

Food and lodging services are available on the island.
1. Moolone Bungalows: Reservations can be made at Pak Bara Pier.
2. Pan Sand Resort: Reservations can be made at Pak Bara Pier.
Accommodation rates range between Bath 100-1,000 per unit/ night.

Tham Phuphaphet
This is a large deep cave with a spacious chamber and a high celing. Before the name Tham Phuphaphet was given to it, this cave was called Tham Lod, Tham Phet and Tham Yao. The name Phuphaphet means diamond cliff. This name reflects the glittering and twinkling characteristics when light shines on stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. It is located in Mu6, Ban Pa Phon, Tambon Palm Pattana of King Amphoe Manang.

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