Chumphon province is located in the most upper part of the Southern region. Following the Highway No.4, it is approximately 463 kilometers from Bangkok or about 476 kilometers by railroad. The total area of chumphon is about 6,009 aquare kilometers,the fourth largest province of the South.

CHUMPHON: The golden Spot for Eco – Tourism: Do you know why Chumphon province has been known as a golden place for “Eco – Tourism?”

It is very easy to answer this question. Chumphon has been able to maintain plenty of natural resources for tourism which have been untouched by the tourists and unspoiled by the time since these natural resources in other places have been absolutely destroyed, the authorities in Chumphon try to carry out the day – to – day management of the natural resources and take a major role in the conservation of the surroundings.

Chumphon is a city of view. There are a lot of unusual tourist attractions, unrevealed to the world. Traveling Chumphon you’ll meet with a wonderful hospitable climate, crystal sea-water, exotic and native plants and trees.

You’ll be shocked with the magnificent coral beaches and the mysterious underworld sea. More than this you’ll find all private facililies as well as plenty of accommodation and restaurants specializing in seafood delicacies. They are all provided for your convenience and for making you experience the excellence of Chumphon hospitality and the uniqueness of the province’s holiday altractions. All of these made Chumphon one of the world’s greatest tourist destinations.

Please come and visit Chumphon for spectacular sightseeing adventures amidst fabulous scenery. You’ll find that there are many more amazing tourist spots to meet your need. Our friendly professional staff will show you the other interesting and charming community including the life – style in the sub – districts which is an ideal for the culture lovers at its best.

Tourism:  There are several natural beauty both inland and coastline, including beaches, islands, national parks and mountains. Basically, most natural places still keep their original charm and this strong point should be promoted for tourism.

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