Jeonju is a beautiful city in South Korea, and the capital of Jeollabuk-do, or North Jeolla Province. Jeonju is the epicurean capital of Korea and a paper-producing center. It is an well known city, a favorite tourism area with renowned Korean food, ancient historical buildings, lots of fun sporting activities and exciting Korean festivals. A lot of tourists visit its sixth-century Keumsansa (Gold Mountain) Temple and 40-ft-/12-m-high Buddha. Jeonju also maintains a Hanok village with about 800 traditional houses. Maisan Provincial Park is a beautiful setting for the many pagodas of Tapsa Temple in the spring and fall. The other important tourist attractions in the area include Deokyosan National Park and the Mireuksa stone pagoda.

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History of Jeonju

Jeonju is in the fertile Honam plain, that is known for it delicious strawberries and exotic vegetables. Jeonju has been a very important regional center in the province for centuries. At one time, thJeonju was the capital of Hubaekje Kingdom, which was founded by Gyeon Hwon. Jeonju was regarded as the spiritual capital of the Joseon Dynasty because the Yi royal family originated there.

The town was occupied by the Donghak peasants’ movement in 1894. Jeonju was given metropolitan status in 1935, and the city was founded in 1949.

Jeonju Culture

Jeonju bibimbap, a traditional local food, is well-known across South Korea. There are also several very popular vegetarian restaurants serving Jeonju style food and pine wine.

The National Jeonju Museum exhibits ancient relics from the Baekje days.

There are extensive royal museums, temples, a castle fortress on a hillside, and a well-known paper museum, as well as an annual paper fashion show highlighting both the latest style and traditional Korean clothing made of paper.

The Jeonju International Film Festival draws about 50,000 visitors annually.

Jeonju is the hometown of the breakdancing crew Last for One, international Battle of the Year champion.

Jeonju People and everyday life

Education is a major industry in the city, but it does not have the manufacturing or heavy industries found in other Korean cities. Due to its rural location, the local mountains and parks are popular for outdoor recreation. There are also various historical sites in the area. The city also has a zoo, a large park, and the Samsung Sound and Culture Hall, a large, modern concert complex on the Chonbuk National University campus.

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