Tripura is a tiny landlocked state of India, but it is surrounded by Bangladesh. The Capital City is Argartala. The weather here is tropical and the terrain is hilly.

Agriculture is the main source on income here with rice being the biggest crop. Rubber trees also bring in revenue.

A railroad connects Tripura to India. The Agartala Airport also connects to the mainland.

The Tripura Kingdom has very interesting history, governed by kings for over 2498 years until 1949.

Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are the main religions here, however the tribal people worship the Ganges River.

The four wildlife sanctuaries are: the Roa Wildlife Sanctuary, The Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary and the Gumti Wildlife sanctuary.

The National parks of the state include Rajbari National Park, the Clouded Leopard National Park, Sepahijola and Trishna. Gumti is also an Important Bird Area.

This is a beautiful state to visit, but a professional guide is recommended.

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