Located in the Far East region of India, Manipur is next to Burma, “Myanmar”. Since January 2011 visitors no longer need special visas to travel here. Imphal is the Capital City.

There are many very interesting Hill Tribes living in Manipur with colorful cultural traditions, religious faiths and costumes. Here are some of their names: The Kuki People, The Kom People, The Rongmei People, The Tangkhul People, The Hmar People, The Paite People and the Mao People.

Theatre is important in Manipur and preformed during festivals and celebrations. Wrestling is a very popular sport here as well as Mukna Kangjei a local variety of wrestling that includes Mukna and Cane Stick that goes back hundreds of years.

The Manipuri love horseback riding and are adept at this as a martial art.

There are many annual important festivals that are only celebrated in Manipur as well as other traditional Indian festivals.

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