Anhui, China is located in eastern China. The Capital of Anhui is Hegei. The mighty Yangtze River in the south and the Huai He River in the north help make this an extremely important agricultural region in China. These important rivers have been used as important commerce highways for centuries.

There is ample railway, including high speed trains that go to Beijing, Wuhan and Nanjing. There are many popular tourism sites in this province, with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Mount Huangshan and the Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui, Hongcun and Xidi.

In Anqing City the is the magnificent Zhenfeng Pagoda going back to the MIng Dynasty.

The Taiji Cave is the biggest karst cave in eastern China.

Mount Jihua, Mount Qiyun, Mount Taanzhu and Mount Langya are very popular tourism destinations.

Chao Lake, one of the biggest lake in China and has Laoshan Island. There are a lot of important sites and temples here.

The Old Town of Tunix located near Huangshan Mountain Range and the Village of Hongcun is very interesting and scenic.

Anhui is a vast region with numerous sites. A professional guide is highly recommended: call 1 415 827 4981 and our China specialist will arrange a life enriching vacation experience for you.

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